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(Taxable Value : ₹1694.07 + GST(18%) : ₹304.93)
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    A healthy body Weight & its management won't be a difficult task anymore!!

    Take high protein, high fibers with probiotics and 24 essential micronutrients blend in single advance...




  • Herbal extract & antioxidants: Synergistic combination of aloe vera, Garcinia cambogia, MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) & flax seed helps to manage                                    weight perfectly.
  • Manage body Weight: It is Low GI formula with dietary fibers that help control calorie intake and makes you feel fuller for a longer time to support body weight management. One serving gives you high nutrition and low calories.
  • Optimal Nutrition and Lasting Energy: It is a blend of premium proteins, MCT and 24 vitamins & minerals to fuel your body and optimize your active lifestyle all day long.
  • For a Healthy & satisfied Gut: Probiotics & fibers along with aloe vera facilitate smooth digestion and also keep you full for a long time.
  • Great Taste and Texture: Absolute Meal Shake satisfies your taste buds with its delectable flavor. It mixes well with water or milk.
  • Flavours - Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate & Rabdi mawa

  • High Protein & Fiber: Delivers more than 11.9 grams of protein & 6g dietary fiber per serving to help you satisfy hunger, manage weight and feel great.
  • Enhanced Nutritional formula: A bunch of around 24 vitamins & minerals aims to provide additional health benefits and fulfil daily requirements & nutritional gaps.
  • Active Probiotics: Gut-friendly bacteria can improve the absorption of small peptides and amino acids by improving the absorption ability of the epithelium and enhancing transport. They help to keep your digestive health in check.
  • Low GI formula: The beauty of this shake is that portion control is taken care of, and they're designed to provide great nutrition within a defined number of calories.
  • Zero Added Sugar: No additional sugar has been added to restrict the calorie intake which helps you to get desired results.

A healthy body Weight & its management won't be a difficult task anymore!!

Take high protein, high fibers with probiotics and 24 essential micronutrients blend in single advanced active formula Absolute Nutritional Meal Shake in our advanced nutritional products series Herbonutrisip.

Herbonutrisip absolute meal is a delicious, convenient meal-on-the-go packed with incredible nutrition of ultra-pure gold standard whey protein concentrate and goodness of a bunch of 24 vitamins and minerals along with dietary fibers & active probiotics to help you satisfy hunger, manage overall body weight and feel great with delicious flavors. Garcinia cambogia and protein blend help the body burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. Absolute meal enhanced with bioactive properties of aloe vera, Garcinia Cambogia, MCT and flax seed powder is perfect for everyone, who wants to gain lean muscle mass. Each scoop provides 11.93 g of protein which helps to grow and maintain lean muscle mass, 6g dietary fibers with 10 million active probiotics to support digestion & healthy gut microflora along with antioxidants & vitamins & minerals. Absolute meal helps to increase the rate of protein synthesis and make sure gains are made from your workouts, it not only stimulates muscle growth but also creates an anabolic hormonal environment in the body, provides energy to muscles, and helps the body burn fat and to build muscle simultaneously. Absolute meal is a unique value product to support muscle repair, recovery, power and muscle size.