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Tejender Singh Dalal (Retd)

Col. Tejender Singh is an accomplished & well-cultivated logistician with 32 years of experience in supply chain management in one of the elite organizations of India. After retirement, he chose to handle the logistics management which is the heart of the company's operations. He has excellent interpersonal & negotiation skills with an analytical mind. Known for his dynamic leadership style, Col. Tejender is committed to fostering a culture of empowerment and collaboration, where each direct seller is not just a part of the team but an essential contributor to the company's success. He recognizes the importance of a supportive community and is committed to creating an environment where every direct seller feels valued, empowered, and equipped to achieve their goals.

With a strong commitment to empowering individuals and driving entrepreneurial success, he plays a pivotal role in steering our company toward new heights. Under his leadership acumen, diverse knowledge, passion, managerial skills, and vivid experience, OK Lifecare will surely touch new horizons in the field of direct selling.

Haris Durejaa

An accomplished MBA in 2007 with a total experience duration of 16 plus years of sales and marketing as well as corporate training in different segments like financial services, education, health sector, and direct selling industry. He has also added another feather in his cap by publishing a book based on numerology. He has been recognized with various National awards such as

  • Brand couple of the year 2020

  • Brand couple of the year 2021

  • Direct seller of the year 2022 by a National magazine Direct selling today

In June 2023, he was honored by "The World Human Rights Protection Commission" as an "Honorary Doctorate" for their extraordinary achievements and contributions in the respective field. He truly believes that direct selling is the business of the people, for the people, and by the people. He joined Ok Life Care as a National Sales and Training Head. His possession of diverse knowledge is sufficient to assure every distributor of Ok Life Care of the complete 360-degree changes in sales and training. He always uses a prudent approach towards any obstacles along with the commitments for sustainable improvement in learning and education so that you can achieve your financial goals.