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    We understand that washing clothes and removing stains can...


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Betermatic is a uniquely designed detergent powder which helps to deliver outstanding cloth washing results. It helps to keep your clothes bright after wash as well as provides deep down cleaning and longlasting freshness. It contains more actives for superior performance which provides an immense cleaning for all your clothes. Loaded with optical brightening agents, water softening agents, active enzymes and antiredeposition ions our Betermatic helps to remove tough stains while maintaining the brightness of the clothes.

  • More actives for superior performance.
  • Active enzyme technology.
  • Optical brightening agents.
  • Water softening agents.
  • Antiredeposition ions.

We understand that washing clothes and removing stains can be extremely tiring and cumbersome. Betermatic is a superfine detergent powder that removes tough stains in a easy manner and helps you in a way to leave no residue on your clothes.