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All franchisees/stockists are informed that delivery of ordered goods will be made at the nearest delivery points of our transporters M/S TCI Freight/Express Ltd. or VRL Logistics Ltd. or Overnite Express Ltd. as the case may be.
All offer products of Ok Club offer will be dispatched by 28-01-2019 to all concerned stockiest. Shipping details will be shared on 30-01-2019.
As per RBI and Income Tax Department instructions all franchisees are warned not to deposit more than Rs. 10000/- (Ten Thousand Only) in cash otherwise they themselves will be responsible for the consequences.
OK LIFECARE PRIVATE LIMITED is pleased to introduce a new category of Franchisee i.e Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs only) with a fixed discount of 7% (Seven Percent).
Registration of New Franchise (PUC/ 50K Franchisee) has been resumed on the condition that the goods ordered/demanded by the PUC will be supplied to PUC on NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE basis.
Hereinafter no New CPUC, DPUC or RPUC will be registered. However already registered franchisees will continue to function as before.
The following products have been revised for their DP and BV from 1st July onward.
S. No. Product Name MRP DP BV
1 Amla & Jabarandi Hair Oil (New) 219.00 131.00 53.00
2 Anti Acne Facewash 220.00 132.00 53.00
3 Gold Facial Wash 200.00 120.00 48.00
4 Hand Sanitizer 220.00 110.00 44.00
5 Keratin Daily Oil 173.00 86.00 34.00
6 New Neem Tulsi Facewash 170.00 100.00 40.00
7 Phase3 Hair Tonic 450.00 260.00 104.00
8 Stevia Extract 400.00 240.00 96.00
9 Catalogue Volume 1 450.00 80.00 0.00