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Founder Chairman Desk

Founder Chairman Desk

Dr. Jogender Singh

Dr. Jogender Singh is very legendary personality. He had a keen interest in sports since his childhood and he wanted to make his career in sports and achieved also, from 1989 to 1993 he was “All India Champion” in Boxing under the super heavy weight category. He has also received silver medal in world cup and represented India and after that due to severe injury he has to take retirement.

But he didn’t stopped here, since 1922, his family has helped people in providing education. The first school was opened by his grandfather in village Chiri which is giving free education. Now his vision was to promoting education for this he established many education colleges also University in 2013 and in University also he has done very good and the University is in number 1 position in Rajasthan State and 11th position in India in Khelo India Youth Games.

Dr. Jogender Singh has received many awards like Times Icon Award in field of Social Services & Film, Pride of Rajasthan Award by Chief Minister of Rajasthan in Education, Excellence award by Rajasthan State Governor in Social Work & Education Field, Excellence award in UK Parliament, Zee Award by Chief Minister of Haryana in Emerging Haryana in Business.

He started a film production house “OK Movies”, and he has produced a few Hindi films including ‘P Se Pyar, F Se Farrar’ (2019) and ‘Hawayien’ (to be released).

A year letter he founded a direct selling company “OK Life Care” 2016. Behind this was a great vision to establish as he is a sports person, he is aware of all the healthy diet with nutritions, vitamins & proteins. As the village children and other illiterate persons having many deficiency in food, for this purpose he started OK Life Care to complete the nutrition diet and make them aware. One another big cause was self employment for people. As his grandfather also had vision in education for completing the 100 years of school in village. The same is here to take this company up to 100 years. As Dr. Jogender Singh is grandson he take proud to carry his vision up to long period. Same he thinks that his grandson will feel proud of him for his founding’s and will carry further with the same vision and will feel proud.

Best Wishes

Dr. Jogender Singh

Founder & Chairman
Ok Lifecare Private Limited