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  • Helps in curing stomach problems like ingestion, gas and constipation

  • It helps in preventing bad breath.

  • It helps in regulating blood pressure.

  • It boosts energy metabolism and helps the body burn more fat efficiently. 

  • Rich in antioxidants thus promotes a healthy body

  • Elaichi: The exotic spice contains numerous phytonutrients that are known to have anti-oxidant, disease-preventing, and health-promoting properties. These aromatic pods are rich in many vital vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, vitamin-C which is essential for optimum health.
  • Natural and convenient:  The extract is completely natural and does not contain any added flavors, colors and preservatives. It is a convenient and tasty way to make your dishes amazingly delicious and flavourful.
  • Respiratory health: Cardamom may help in improving breathing by stimulating better oxygen uptake and relaxing air passage to the lungs.   
  • Balances the doshas: According to ayurveda, cardamom is an important spice which is tridoshic i.e. balances all the three doshas - Vatta, Pitta and Kapha in our body. It has significant warming properties that re soothing for your body.

Elaichi drops consist of cardamom extracts which are rich in essential oils that are healthy as well as aromatic in nature. They are uplifting and energizing in nature. Whether it's biryani, kheer or even tea, elaichi extract will transform your culinary delights in an interesting way. They can help in reducing issues like indigestion, nausea, vomiting, neutralizing dental bacteria, relieving mental stress, stomach cramps and detoxifying the body.