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    Healthy kidneys filter approximately 200 quarts of blood and releases about 2 qu...




Ok Lifecare designed unique formulation Kidney Fuel that comes under specialized category "Herbofoodceutical" that means it combines the benefits of herbal extracts along with dietary supplements. It brings together their advantages in one product that helps to improve the kidney health by detoxifying and maintaining the levels of nutrients.

It is specially formulated to help support overall kidney health & promote urinary tract wellness. It is a combination of selected herbal extracts, vitamins/minerals and powerful antioxidants such as cranberry root powder, cordyceps, betaine, magnesium citrate, vitamin B6, Lserine etc. which assists the body in eliminating toxic & metabolic waste, keeping your kidneys clean and healthy. It helps to support the kidney's normal filtration functions, promotes proper fluid excretion, bladder problems including incontinence, maintains a healthy cellular water balance and to maintain a healthy urinary tract environment.

  • It contains cranberry root powder that helps to prevent the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract and bladder, thus preventing kidney infection.
  • Recent studies show that Cordyceps sinensis significantly improved the kidney and immune functions in people who face kidney dysfunction.
  • It contains parsley powder and horsetail extract that helps to support the kidney's normal filtration functions, promote proper fluid excretion and maintain a healthy urinary tract environment.
  • It delivers potent antioxidants including resveratrol to turmeric that have been known to help remove harmful toxins from the kidneys and act as a shield against toxininduced damage to the kidneys & also reduces the strain to the kidneys.
  • It is fortified with electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium to regulates fluids and maintain a healthy cellular water balance.
  • Some studies show that betaine has ability to lower homocysteine levels in the blood in people with kidney failure.
  • It contains Lcarnitine an amino acid that helps the body and converts fat, especially in the liver and kidneys to energy.

Healthy kidneys filter approximately 200 quarts of blood and releases about 2 quarts of urine daily. The critical regulation of the body's salt, potassium and acid content is performed by the kidneys. It's important to keep kidney functions at their best because they remove impurities from the body, regulate blood pressure, produce vitamin D for bones and keep water, minerals & pH in balance. By keeping your kidneys healthy, your body will filter and expel waste and produce hormones to help your body function properly. Maintaining kidney health with our unique formulation Kidney fuel which helps to improve your overall health and general wellbeing.